My Sales Rep supports and represents Major Companies in the Outdoor Recreational and Off Road Markets in Australia. Ultimate Adventure Accessories offers you a personalised approach to your clients, giving you the ability to keep track of how your retailers are handling your products as well as giving them an opportunity to have face to face contact with your company.

Having previous experience in Auditing for Yamaha where Our Services were used to Audit the Auditors proves that we are 100% Honest and Reliable. Standing behind our Principals to care and honor our Clients and Companies, we are proud to be part of and representing your Brands and Products on your behalf.

Our services provides you with an external arm that can help grow your business further out into Australia, without you needing to have representatives on the road. We can source new store opportunities in rural sectors of Australia. We can also call in to stay in touch personally with existing customers and see how your products are being displayed and presented. This can include auditing of Floor Plan stock and making sure the correct amounts have been remitted back to you, their Principal supplier.

Talk to us further if you have any questions on how we can help your individual business prosper in this ultra competitive market by calling us on 0499 111 808.