Folding Boat Trailers

Travelling throughout Australia is always an exciting prospect and with so many pristine river systems and creeks to explore, it is always ideal to have a tinny at the ready. But don’t forget to think about boat trailers…

Caravaners and tourers alike do share the common problem of space and storage, however. A common approach is to store a tinny on the roof of your car or four-wheel drive, but you are still faced with the struggle of getting your boat to the water’s edge; this can be a challenge as even the smallest of boats are quite cumbersome.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: folding aluminium boat trailers.

These trailers combine the space efficient transport of a rooftop boat with the manoeuvrability and easy launching of a trailer. With a folding boat trailer, you can tow your caravan or camper trailer throughout Australia without having to worry about getting a campsite close enough to the water’s edge for you to drag your boat.

Simply fold your trailer down to a size that allows it to be easily stored in the back of your caravan, on your roof rack or anywhere else it can fit and it will be ready for use when you set up camp at your destination. If you’ve been searching online for, ‘boat trailers’, ‘aluminium boat trailer’, ‘aluminium boat trailers’, ‘folding boat trailers’ or ‘folding boat trailer’, then you’ve truly found the perfect solution.

These Folding Aluminium Boat Trailers, are the leading products in their class in Australia. Find out why so many people are choosing these Quality Boat Trailers today.

Single Folding or Double Folding Boat Trailers

$2,150+ shipping  

Great option for caravaners and tourers; they can be folded to 1.5m with complete axle width of 2.1m in length and will easily fit across the back of most caravans or camper trailers – or even on a roof rack. For long-range travellers for whom space is really limited.

  • Weight: Less Than 40kg 
  • Total Length: 4m
  • Width: 1.5m
  • Boat Capacity: Up to 3.8m

Trailers: Customised by Experts

These Boat Trailers, Loaders, Outboard Trolleys, Outboard slides are designed and manufactured on-site by a Quality Australian Manufacturer who cares about Your requirements. Contact Us today to get your ideal customised fit out for any requirements from Our Ultimate ADVENTURE Quality range of Products.

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