Aussie Made Aluminium Outboard Trolleys

Move your motor around with ease! One of the Best designed and manufactured outboard trolleys.

Tired of dragging your outboard motor around? Now there is a much easier way, with this Quality built Outboard Trolley you can simply wheel it into the back of your ute or station wagon, and to and from your tinny. The easiest and most convenient way to transport your outboard. Complete with pneumatic wheels, stainless steel axle, aluminium frame and weighing under 10kg you really can’t go wrong! We can also custom mount your outboard almost anywhere on your vehicle.

These Outboard Trolleys are really the best choice for moving your motor around with minimum effort. Trolleys can be custom made to carry your outboard, no matter the size. Now moving these around will be a breeze. We also provide a long or short shaft version so we have all angles covered regardless of the motor. In addition to our outboard trolleys. We have a range of leading products to help you with your next trip!
So why not drop us a line on our contact page, tell us your specific needs and we will make sure you get the perfect fit for your outboard.

Aussie Made Aluminium Outboard Slides

Another innovative idea from this manufacturers Research & Development Team. These outboard motor slides allow the ease of mounting your outboard motor onto the slide and then from vertical to horizontal in an instant. Sliding your outboard motor away safely, securely and with ease.

These slides can be utilised on the front of your caravan or even purpose built into One of the Ultimate ADVENTURE drawer customised systems for your 4WD.

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